Watch Repair

Knoxville watch repair services


We now offer on-site,
in-house watch repair services
for all watch brands.

We have a wide variety of services for all of your jewelry needs. We’re your one-stop-jewelry-shop for everything jewelry and watch repair, sales and appraisals. We are here to help you, whether you’re here to repair your watch, sell your family heirlooms, or you’re here to find a unique piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life.

On-Site Watch Repair

We don’t ship your watch to another location to be repaired. We have an in-house watch repair technician who will repair your watch in our store. Have the peace of mind knowing your watch is safe in our store while we restore it to perfect working order.

Trusted Watch Expert

Our watch repair technician is a trusted watch repair expert. Know that your watch is in good hands. Our watch repair technician has years of experience repairing different watch brands. Bring your watch to us with confidence!

On-site Repair Estimates

Bring your watch to our Kingston Pike location and we will evaluate your broken watch. Our Watch repair expert will provide you with an estimate of the repair costs on-site. Know what your repair will cost before the work begins.


We Repair All Watch Brands


Austen & Paul

Lucien Piccard

Jaeger Le Coultre
Baume & Mercier
Audemars Piguet


Rolex Repair & Restoration Services

Owning a Rolex watch means that you appreciate the quality of the Rolex brand. While Rolex is synonymous with quality and durability, even the finest watches need atune-up, tweak or repair every now and then.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that our Rolex repair expert is trained and knows how to repair a Rolex properly. Rolex maintenance is a process all by itself, and our technician knows how to take apart a Rolex watch and put it back togetehr again. In the event that your Rolex watch has stopped working, we can restore it to proper working order.

Professional Rolex Repair Services

On Site Rolex Evaluations
On-site Rolex Repair Services
We are Rolex repair experts
Estate House

Repair Your Watch Today!

We will schedule a time to review your estate items and provide you with an evaluation of what they are worth. There is no obligation to sell your items to us.