About Us


6 Generations of Jewelry Artisans

Estate House is owned and operated by a 6th generation jewelry maker. Jewelry isn’t just his profession, it’s in his bloodline, and in his heritage. His family, including his brothers, grew up making jewelry, and learning how to make exquisite jewelry. Sam has an appreciation and a passion for fine jewelry, including diamonds, jewels, and precious metals like gold and silver.


Our Services

We have a wide variety of services for all of your jewelry needs. We’re your one-stop-jewelry-shop for everything jewelry and watch repair, sales and appraisals. We are here to help you, whether you’re here to repair your watch, sell your family heirlooms, or you’re here to find a unique piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life.

Unique Jewelry

We sell unique jewelry from all over the world.

We Buy Jewelry

We will evaluate and buy high quality jewelry.

Jewelry Repair

We will repair your jewelry, restoring it to working condition.

Custom Jewelry

We will custom craft a unique piece of jewelry.

In House Watch Repair

We will repair your fine watch, restoring it to working condition. We repair Rolex watches, Omega, Breitling, Tudor, and pocket watches.

Coin Appraisal & Buying

We will appraise your coins and we also buy coins as well.


Our Jewelry Buy-Back:
Why Our Program is Different

Most jewelry stores won’t buy back your jewelry at all. Most jewelry stores will take your jewelry as trade in toward a more expensive item, meaning you have to buy something even more expensive to get any real value out of what you’ve purchased. Estate House is different. We will buy back jewelry you have purchased at our store. Here’s the even better part: The longer you keep it, the more you’ll get for it when you sell it back to us!