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Earn up to 50% more
from your estate


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Better return than an auction house

An auction house will sell your items for whatever they can get for it, then they take their fees on top of that!

Your estate should bring you what it is worth, not whatever an auction house can sell it for just for the sake of selling it quickly. We aren’t interested in selling it quickly. We will buy your jewelry, watches and antiques from an estate, giving you a fair price.

Earn More

Avoid Unnecessary fees

An auction house not only sells your items for whatever they can get for it, they also take up to a 50% commission!

We don’t charge a commission fee. We purchase the estate at a fair price, based on what it is actually worth. Then, we turn around and sell the items at our location. This eliminates the need for commission, and you receive much more money in your pocket for the same items.


What Types of Items Do We Purchase?

We purchase valuables of all types, which we may turn around and sell in our store. The concept is simple, but puts more money in your pocket compared to alternative options. Types of items we buy:




Antiques, Coins & Collectibles




& Jewels

Who We Work With

Probate Lawyers

Estate Attorneys

Widows & Widowers

Beneficiaries of Wills


We had several pieces of jewelry and some old coins to sell and went to Estate House today. The owner was knowledgeable, spent time looking at each piece we had to sell, and offered us very fair prices. The owner and his staff were also very friendly and respectful. I would definitely do business with him again.



Julie U.

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